EBASI Officers

Prof. Milton D. Slaughter
Chair/ American Council Member
  • Affiliate Professor of Physics
    Department of Physics
    School of Integrated Science and Humanity
    College of Arts, Sciences & Education
    Florida International University
    Miami, FL 33199 /USA


Prof. Jean-Pierre Ezin
African Council Member
  • Commissioner of the African Union
  • Human Resources, Science and Technology
  • jeanpierre.ezin@yahoo.com


Prof. Aakhut E. Bak
Administrative Officer
  • Department of Physics, Morehouse College
  • 830 Westview Drive, S.W., Atlanta, GA 30314 / USA
  • abak@morehouse.edu
  • EBASI Officers
  • Prof. Milton D. Slaughter
  • Prof. Jean-Pierre Ezin
  • Prof. Aakhut E. Bak
  • Prof. Joseph Niemela
  • Prof. Aba B. Andam
  • Prof. Jean-Pierre Ezin
  • Prof. Mohamed H.A. Hassan
  • Prof. Malik Maaza
  • Prof. Ahmadou Wague
  • Dr. K. Renee Horton
  • Prof. Anthony M. Johnson
  • Prof. Stephen C. McGuire
  • Prof. Ronald E. Mickens
  • Prof. Sekazi K. Mtingwa
  • Prof. Kennedy J. Reed
  • Prof. Milton D. Slaughter
  • Prof. James C. Turner, Jr.
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