The Edward Bouchet Abdus Salam Institute International Conferences

In order to achieve its objectives, EBASI periodically organizes international scientific, technical, and educational conferences and workshops hosted by universities or other entities. These conferences and workshops promote collaborations between American and African physical scientists and tremendously enhance the quality of the African universities or organizations that host them. The collaborations fostered by these events have resulted in the training of a number of African graduate students. EBASI graduates have been among the first to obtain doctoral degrees from the universities in their respective countries. At any given time, there are typically several African graduate students in the pipeline. The late Nobel Laureate Professor Abdus Salam, one of our founders, was emphatic that EBASI not contribute to the "brain drain" of African scientific talent. In this regard, we are proud to report that most EBASI graduates are currently working professionals in their respective countries Note that we schedule conferences only when invited by governmental or university or ICTP authorities and only when EBASI feels that it can make a "positive difference".

It is not known when the next EBASI International Conference will be held in Africa in due to the devastating effects of Covid-19 and its variants. Details (when available) will be posted on the EBASI HomePage.

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