First EBASI ICTP Conference Photograph (1988)

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Special Thanks to Anne Gatti and Lisa Iannitti of the ICTP

Seated Left to Right: Robert M. Catchings, Milton D. Slaughter, Lynette E. Johnson, Stephen C. McGuire, Joseph A. Johnson III, Nobel Laureate Abdus Salam and ICTP Director, Warren E. Henry, Anthony M. Johnson, Jean-Pierre Ezin, Charles S. Brown, Giueppi Furlan, S. James Gates

Standing First Row Left to Right:: Luciano Bertotocchi, Unknown, Paul Buah-Bassuah, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Arlene P. Maclin, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Deborah Jackson, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Lisa Iannitti.

Standing Second Row Left to Right: Ronald E. Mickens, Herbert W. Jones, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Cynthia R. McIntyre, Unknown, Ardie D. Walser.

Standing Third Row Left to Right:, George R. Carruthers, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Carl Spight, Sekazi K. Mtingwa, Peter J. Delfyett, Carlos R. Handy, Unknown.

The image above will be supplemented with names (hover mouse) where available since who is in what row is somewhat confusing. If one knows names (or corrections) not avaiable above please send info to Prof. M. Slaughter .

Get the image pdf here . First EBASI ICTP Conference 1988

A Lecture at the 1988 First EBASI Conference. Photo courtesy of Prof. S. James Gates, Jr.

Some1988 First EBASI Conference Participants. Photo courtesy of Prof. Stephen C. McGuire

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