The Fifth International EBASI Conference

The Fifth International EBASI Conference was held 11-15 August 2003 in Tunisia, North Africa. This was the first ever EBASI activity in North Africa. The chief local organizers of the conference were Dr. Taha Sboui (deceased) of the Tunisian Association of Applied Mathematics and EBASI Council Members Prof. F. K. A. Allotey Director of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMS) in Ghana, West Africa and Prof. Jean-Pierre Ezin, Director of the Institut de Mathématiques et de Sciences Physiques (IMSP) in Bénin, West Africa. The discipline focus of the Conference was quite wide-ranging with sessions and workshops in Communication Physics, Computational Techniques, Energy Sources and Environmental Physics, Material Science Microelectronics, Physics and Mathematics education, Quantum Electronics and Lasers, Frontier Topics of Physics and, Pure and Applied Mathematics. The Conference achieved its goals by enhancing greatly the exchange of ideas and experiences and discussions of mutual synergistic interests related to advanced research in technical and mathematical fields of study especially pertinent to the scientific and technological infrastructure of African countries. The participants included physicists and mathematicians primarily from the African continent and Europe.

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