The Sixth International EBASI Conference

The Sixth International EBASI Conference was held 24-26 January 2007, hosted by iThemba Labs in Cape Town, South Africa. The chief International organizers of the conference were Prof. K. Bharuth-Ram (Chair) of iThemba LABS  and EBASI Council Member Prof. F. K. A. Allotey (Co-Chair).  The secretary of the Local organizers was Dr. M. Maaza of iThemba Labs.  The discipline focus of the Conference was wide-ranging with sessions in Research Networking in Africa, Ion Beams and Accelerators, the Physics of Lasers, Atoms, and Molecules, Materials Sciences, Nano-sciences, Computational Techniques, and Medical Applications of Lasers  in Radiation Therapy. In addition, the launching of the African Physical Review, the Nanosciences African Network "NANOAFNET", Accelerators for Sustainable Development in Africa "ASDA" were announced and discussed.  As usual, the Conference exceeded its goal of bringing together scientists from the African continent in a mutually satisfying research-oriented environment conductive to the future enhancement of networking.  The participants included physicists and mathematicians primarily from a number of countries on the African continent and the United States of America.

View this full iThemba Labs EBASI 2007 poster for further details. The one page Conference Poster (.PDF) shown below is approximately 123 Kb in size. You will need a .PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader in order to view it. For a larger image click here.

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